2017-18 fashion trends we’ll be coveting this season


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2017-18 fashion trends we’ll be coveting this season

In this cold and grey season, if there’s one thing keeping us going it’s knowing that with autumn and winter come some very cool fashion opportunities (ok, so Santa’s visit is also keeping us pretty motivated too). Little flower dresses and mini-shorts are great, don’t get us wrong, but the colder months mean more layers, which means more style options. So, what warm colours and soft textures are we turning to this autumn-winter 2017-18? Let’s have a quick look…

First of all, let’s remember a basic principle for the cold: if we’re all trying to look stylish, these are finally the times to do that in full comfort and warmth. Cocooning, here we come! Pile up layers, wear big knit chunky jumpers, get your softest cashmere: this winter, stay warm…but stay cool.

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A little tip. It’s all about the texture contrasts, and don’t be afraid to really clash here: wear your leather mini with thick wool tights and a chunky oversize jumper for a cosy-yet-sexy look! Or, do keep wearing your favourite jeans, but pair some interesting prints and fabrics: this year, forget stripes, and go for flowers (even in winter, yes!) or dots.

The ultimate luxe material for the season: velvet! It’s been trending for a few seasons and this one you can even find it in full suits. Pair with a simple tee to calm the game, or a silk cami for an elegant night out. Do: try a velvet top with your jeans (see above)!

This season’s wardrobe can be a bit more rock n’roll too. Invite some biker pieces and boyish cuts to add some spice to your usual winter style. Not sure how to? This year, reinvent the innocent preppy style simply by inviting some leather pieces into it! Think leather A-line dresses and berets, or your usual preppy attire… with big biker boots for added warmth.

Because fashion cares more and more about our comfort and creating interesting silhouettes, this season is all about volumes. Think oversized puffer jackets and wool winter coats, capes and trenches! Don’t want to invest in a new coat? A large plaid scarf will bring you all the volume your look needs, while providing added warmth/an improvised cape/a make-shift pillow. Aah, winter.

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Quite obviously, when thinking of winter fashion, we have to mention what’s trotting through every woman’s mind as the end of the year approaches… party-wear! While we’d love to be wise and recycle last years outfit, we all know new party trends are way too exciting, especially with Black Friday deals lurking around the corner... So to bag the best bargains, visit https://www.groupon.co.uk/discount-codes/shops/debenhams.com and prepare your holiday looks asap. Now, do stay excited at the slightest sight of glitter, but have a look at these trends for party season 17-18:

  • Glitter & Sequins, obviously. But this year, we’re not wearing them all-over on boring bodycon dresses. Find a statement piece where glitter/sequins come more as a surprise: on trousers, on the sleeves of a blazer, as a pattern on a dress, or even on shoes!
  • Stay gold. Hesitating on what shade of bling to wear? This season is all about gold! Wear with a black (or red!) outfit as details on your jewellery and clutch, or go strong with a golden bomber or a pleated midi skirt.
  • Velvet (again). While this luxe material has made its way into casual wear, it most definitely is suited for formal wear. Go all out with a full-length embroidered ball gown, strong with a two-piece suit, more discreet with a velvet skirt or blazer, or more casual with a velvet strap dress under a bomber (you can even pull this one off with biker boots!).
  • Colour-wise, we’re still seeing the usual winter colours (Bordeaux, forest green, navy), but we’re also falling in love with all shades of yellow, and some bright red! Plus, good news, pastels are no longer confined only to spring!

So, what autumn-winter 2017-18 trends will you be wearing in this chilly weather?